Team IQuest Films Dredging/Beach Restoration

Team IQuest’s very own Emmy award winning Edward Carr filming long time client,  Eastman Aggregates as they collaborate with Great Lakes Dredge & Docks Company. for a dredging and beach restoration project near Phipps Park in Palm Beach County. Eastman Aggregates is a locally owned company specializing in beach & dune restoration, site development, fill and aggregates since 1954.  Great Lakes Dredging & Docks is headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, GLDD has a long history with its early age rooted in Chicago’s rich shore infrastructure and river lock system. The company has since expanded to operate on every domestic coastline, throughout many inland U.S. waterways, and in several foreign markets, most notably Bahrain, Qatar and Brazil.

This project will be utilizing a new machine called the Extractor 3300 that will be a total game-changer for the dredging industry.  This piece of equipment is specifically designed to handle the dredging of rocky sediments.  It has proven to be tremendously efficient at separating oversized materials during the dredging process.  Fluidized Rock Systems is receiving accolades from the dredging community for being one of the most proficient pieces of equipment to assist with the dredging process.  Exciting stuff on the horizon for Palm Beach County as well as any coastal location needing dredging and beach restoration!


Filming, Dredging, beach restoration

Edward Carr filming the dredging project with the new Extractor 3300.

dredging, beach restoration, Extractor3300

Eastman Aggregates owner, Bernie Eastman

beach restoration, dune restoration, dredging

Dredging project near Phipps Park in Palm Beach County